Welcome to the Writers Workshop!

To receive feedback on your writing, select one of these options when you login: 

In-Person Consultation @ the UGL, where you'll reserve a 50-minute appointment at our location in the Undergraduate Library;

Online Consultation by Appointment, where you’ll reserve a 50-minute appointment to meet with a consultant via videoconferencing;

Written Feedback Appointment, where you’ll reserve an appointment, upload your document(s), complete a detailed appointment form, and receive written feedback at the end of your appointment time. There is no live conversation with the consultant in this format.

To make an appointment, new users will first need to register to create an account. Returning users are encouraged to review and update their account.

When logging in for an appointment, the system will allow three attempts at the correct password. After three incorrect attempts, the system will lock your account for 15 minutes. If that happens, please call or email us. We can reset your password and/or send you a link to the appointment.

Please view our calendar to learn more about upcoming presentations and Graduate Writing Groups.

For more information:

Phone: 217-333-8796



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